WP1  Management and Coordination

D1.1 Kick-off meeting and its minutes

D1.2.1 Data management plan

D1.2.2 Mid term project meeting and its minutes

D1.2.3 Updated schedules of activities

D1.2.4 Final project meeting and its minutes

WP2 Experimental fields and watersheds: a new transnational Mediterranean watershed monitoring network.

D2.1 Database from Task 2.1

D2.2 Database from Task 2.2.

D2.3 Two submitted publications about data analysis

WP3 Ecohydrolog-ical modeling

D3.1 Report with calibration and validation of LSM-VDM models at field scale for the experimental sites

D3.2 Developed distributed LSM-VDM models at basin scale

D3.3 Two submitted publications about modeling at basin scale

D3.4 Submitted publication on model intercomparison and optimization

WP4 Remote sensing and data assimilation

D4.1 Remote sensing images database.

D4.2.1 LAI and Ts estimates from satellite images. 

D4.2.2 One submitted publication about estimates from satellite images

D4.3.1 Data assimilation system

D4.3.2 One submitted publication about data assimilation system

WP5 Analysis of land cover change strategies and climate change scenarios

D5.1 Submitted publication on historical data analysis

D5.2 Multiple future climate scenarios in the project database

D5.3 2 submitted publications about the effect of land cover strategies and cli-mate change scenarios

WP6 Development of water management and planning systems

D6.1: Scientific manuscript on water management model application in 6 Mediter-ranean case study sites

D6.2 Submitted publication about strategies for water management optimization

WP7 Quantifying benefits and sharing methodologies with stakeholders, dissemination and communication

D7.1.1 Dissemination and communication plan

D7.1.2 Report of partecipative workshop (3)

D7.2.1 Project website

D7.2.2 Reports from training sessions