Ecomondo 2022 8/11 November 2022 Rimini (IT)

Enhancing the added value of Water JPI’s research and innovation
projects for more informed policy making decisions and market uptake of innovations

“The Water JPI has supported more than a hundred research and innovation projects in the areas of water pollution,
water technologies, ecosystems and biodiversity, water quantity in the face of hydroclimatic extreme events and
international cooperation.
The aims of this seminar ai ECOMONDO 2022 are: (i) To tease out existing barriers for the valorisation of research results for policy or market use; (ii) to identify possible strategies for valorisation at both the European and international levels, in cooperation with project coordinators and the audience; (iii) to come up with an action plan based upon key lessons
and recommendations.”
The UNICA reasercher Dott. Ing. Serena Sirigu took part in this seminar presenting the FLUXMED Water JPI Project:
Strategies for increasing the water use efficiency of semi-arid mediterranean agrosilvopastoral systems
under climate change